RESPONSIBILITY Our products are environmentally sound and safe to wear

Our founders Bill and Vieve Gore

For Gore’s Fabrics Division, acting responsibly is a natural outgrowth of Gore’s culture. We respect the environment and treat our associates and partners fairly.

"Being fair and responsible to the environment while offering products which provide the best in class level of protection lies at the very heart of our culture. This is our founders, Bill and Vieve Gore's, legacy and we are proud to continue this tradition." Bernhard Kiehl, leads the sustainability program of the Fabrics Division of W.L. Gore & Associates.

Gore Fabrics Responsibility

Responsibility Update

Acting responsibly and being transparent about it. We are proud to provide annual updates about our environmental and social projects to customers, retailers, consumers, and other interested stakeholders. These global initiatives are as important to us as they are to you.


Gore Fabrics Responsibility Update 2017 (pdf) 

Gore Fabrics Responsibility Update 2016 (pdf) 

Gore Fabrics Responsibility Update 2015 (pdf) 

Gore Fabrics Responsibility Update 2014 (pdf)

Environmental Responsibility

Gore Fabrics is committed to improving its environmental impact through a responsible approach throughout its value chain.

Social Responsibility

Everyone at Gore is expected to demonstrate integrity in all relationships with suppliers, customers, stakeholders and Gore associates.